What is it?

Ericsson Mobile Organizer (EMO) offers easy-to-use, continously updated e-mail and calendar on mobile devices. With all the recent technological advances, we can work just about anywhere now—on planes, in taxis or at remote job sites. But at the same time, we have become increasingly dependent on our office intranets. Having access to e-mail and calendar data is essential. With the latest generation of Ericsson Mobile Organize 5.0, enterprise users can access corporate e-mail and other Personal Information Management (PIM) data when on the move.

Supported Mobile Devices OS

Symbian OS phones

Windows Mobile 2003 OS


Features and benefits

Easy to use

Work easily with your e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and public folders. You receive your e-mail automatically via the mobile network, with no action required on your part.

Easy to install

EMO is simple to install and involves minimal disruption to an enterprise’s network, security and e-mail infrastructure. Fast and simple installation means rapid returns on investments. Moreover, IT management has full control of the installation process.

Device independence

EMO is device independent and works on most Symbian smartphones, as well as on Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.


Using EMO is as simple as switching on your mobile device. The software handles all data communication actions automatically in the background. EMO utilises always-on push technology, which is optimised for keeping the contents of your mobile device always up-to-date with your corporate e-mail server over a mobile network.

  • Alerts as new mail is received; no need to poll for new messages
  • Work online or off; no need for constant mobile coverage
  • Network connections established and maintained automatically
  • Full real-time, bidirectional, automatic synchronization over the air
  • Option to remotely suspend the service temporarily
  • Data compression, typically 2:1 reduction, reducing the cost of GPRS traffic All languages are supported


End-to-end encryption ensures that delivery of all data communicated to and from a mobile device is secure.

  • 128-bit, end-to-end, AES encryption
  • Entire message, not just body text, is encrypted
  • No additional open firewall ports are required

Supported Email Servers

EMO supports both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers:

  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • Lotus Domino 5.0
  • Lotus Domino 6.0
  • Lotus Domino 6.5


  • Currently used with CDMA 2000, GSM and GPRS
  • Network independent

E-mail functionality

EMO enables you to manage your email via your PDA or smartphone, in real-time, wherever you may be. The table below describes the main e-mail features of the solution.

  • View messages in real-time, receive data on PDA, or smartphone and desktop simultaneously
  • Display read/unread status, sender, subject and received date
  • Sort mail list by sender, subject or received date
  • Delete, reply to sender, reply to all, or forward a message
  • Open and respond to meeting request e-mails
  • All actions mirrored to desktop view in real-time, over the air
  • Display and edit original messages on replying or forwarding
  • Perform basic text edit clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • Receive attachments in native format, e.g. Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
  • View, save, edit and send attachments as if at a desktop
  • Configurable message truncation download size from 0 KB (subject line only) and up
  • Truncated text and attachments rapidly downloaded, when requested, in the background
  • Identify and add addressees from contacts list
  • Resolve incomplete e-mail addresses using Outlook Contacts
  • File messages from Inbox into desktop folders; File& Forget
  • Save messages to a drafts folder Device specific limitations apply. Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition devices offer the widest range of functionality.

Calendar functionality

EMO enables you to manage your calendar while out and about as if you were at the office. When diaries are shared, or managed centrally, productivity is significantly enhanced. The table below describes the main calendar features of the solution.

  • View, edit and update existing calendar entries either on the mobile device or at the desktop
  • Display calendar data in standard Outlook or Notes formats
  • All calendar actions mirrored to the desktop view in real-time, over the air
  • All calendar actions mirrored to the mobile device calendar in real-time, over the air
  • Set reminders, add notes to an appointment
  • Responses added to calendar entry and mirrored to desktop view

Technical data

Device requirements EMO supports both Symbian OS and Windows Mobile devices:

  • Symbian UIQ (SonyEricsson) devices
  • Symbian Series 60 (Nokia) devices
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition devices
  • Windows Mobile 2003 smartphone devices

System requirements

  • Push Connector – Windows 2000 server
  • Relay server – Sun Solaris 8



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