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MD110 Convergence Communication System: Will now enable enterprises to capitalize even more on the best of both worlds - that of the advanced PBX technologies and the dynamic IP worlds.

Success in today's business environment almost demands that enterprises have the support of, not only voice-data convergence, but even the convergence of fixed-mobile and private-public dimensions. Ericsson defines this as multi convergence – the highly flexible and comprehensive solution to supporting dynamic workforces in their preferred work environment.

Ericsson's revolutionary multi convergence communication system is the MD110 Convergence Communication System: A system that well and truly integrates fixed and mobile telephony, IP phones, PC softphones, cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones, digital phones and IP Gateways.

MD110 Convergence Communication System supports cost-effective, seamless communication across corporate voice networks, intranet, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and public networks. Through convergence, enterprises will have the power to be productive by capitalizing on real-time, mission-critical business and communication applications. Now full IP Networking between MD110 and BusinessPhone enable convergence on existing IP connections, making for highly-flexible work methods and better cost efficiency.

Most importantly, enterprises will be able to provide flexible working methods to employees, who can now be completely unrestricted by location, time, communication device or business process, as they go about accomplishing their tasks. In this way employees will be able to provide that ‘little extra' to their customers that will translate into a strong competitive edge for your enterprise. And as employees find that flexible working will enable them to acquire the quality of life that they desire, they will be motivated to achieve new heights of creativity and performance in their work.

If you are already using an MD110, rest assured that you can reuse and thereby capitalize on your existing equipment. It is really up to you to decide on the mix of new generation IP terminals, PC softphones as well as legacy terminals your enterprise requires. It is also entirely up to you to decide on the pace at which you wish to enter the new IP world that is surging ahead.

Now, be a part of Ericsson's commitment to building and delivering the Mobile Enterprise that will support dynamic workforces the world over. And it begins with the offer of the best of both worlds…the MD110 Convergence Communication System.

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