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Converged Communication systems built for 8 to 300 extensions. BusinessPhone 128i that fits neatly in a standard 19-inch server rack.
Modular architecture to accommodate growth and change. A variety of features and solutions that you can always add as and when you need.

  • Networking capabilities to extend your enterprise geographically.
  • Simple and seamless reconfiguration.
  • Converged solutions that support IP Telephony and IP Trunking.
  • Mobility functions for cordless users, home workers and people constantly on the move.
  • Hospitality solutions specially designed for hotels, conference centers and other service-related enterprises.
  • Call center functionality for up to 40 agents to improve your customer service or sales office.
  • Environmentally-sound design.
  • 99.999% uptime.

It’s small wonder that 100,000 BusinessPhone systems have been sold worldwide, with more than 7,000,000 installed lines in over 75 countries. Obviously, the world realizes that it takes the power of simple communications to stay ahead. And that’s the power of BusinessPhone.

>> BusinessPhone50
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