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One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve call-handling productivity is to use headsets...

Ericsson - Dialog Headsets
For frequent telephone users, such as telemarketing, call center and helpdesk personnel, Dialog Headsets are absolutely essential in terms of productivity and ergonomics, while less frequent users will appreciate the increased handsfree mobility.
Dialog Headset RLF 321 211/2 Dialog Headset RLF 321 210/2 Dialog Headsets provide optimum wearer comfort and help reduce muscular strain to the back, neck and shoulders, thereby helping to relieve work-related fatigue and increase call-handling productivity.

>> Dialog Headset RLF 321 210/2
>> Dialog Headset RLF 321 211/2

Plantronics Headsets
Plantronics, Inc. introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962 and is today the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headset products.
Plantronics offers mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small office/home office and contact centers.

>> H51 Supra
>> H51N Supra Monaural NC

>> H61 Supra Binaural
>> H61N Supra Binaural NC

>> H81 Tristar
>> H81N Tristar NC

>> H91 Encore Monaural
>> H91N Encore Monaural NC

>> H101 Encore Binaural
>> H101N Encore Binaural NC

>> H141 DuoSet
>> H141N DuoSet NC

>> H171N DuoPro NC
>> H251 SupraPlus
>> H261 SupraPlus Binaural
Wireless Solutions
>> CS60+HL10

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